What people say about us

Minnie just enjoyed her first birthday and has been in our family for ten months. She is the sweetest dog. Minnie loves people and loves to socialize. Casper Frenchies Home was great from the moment we contacted them about her purchase. All the advice and care instructions we received were extremely helpful in raising a healthy pup. I would not hesitate to buy another fur baby from Casper Frenchies Home.

Steave F.


We purchased Stella (previously Siesta) and could not be happier! She is so playful and cuddley at the same time. I will admit, I was hesitant about buying a dog online that I wasn’t able to meet but Casper Frenchies Home was great. Answered questions, sent thorough emails with everything we needed and have called to check in on her. We were lucky enough to have her be driven to us and the drivers couldn’t have been nicer, even after such a long drive. She is such a sweetheart and I’m so happy we made the decision! Thank you Casper Frenchies Home for helping us welcome Stella into our family!

Kelly M.


We have had our pup Livi for almost 2 months now. We are very pleased with our experience with Casper Frenchies Home. Every detail of what to expect with our pup was clearly communicated through videos, emails, and phone calls. Livi was healthy and it took her about 2 weeks to eat on her own and adjust to our home. We have crate trained her and she enjoys being in it. Our family is blessed to have her and thankful for our experience. Thank you Casper Frenchies Home! ??

Jack R.


We have now purchased two pups from Casper Frenchies Home. We have been very satisfied with both purchases. They have excellent customer service. When we took both pups to the vet, we were told both of our babies were in perfect health condition. The vert was surprised she could not find any defects. She has been the light of my life. Today is her first birthday and Casper Frenchies Home was kind enough to check in again to see how she was doing. I would purchase here agin if I am ever in the market of another dog.

Cindy H.


We got our sweet girl, Luna (formally Sperry), came home to us on November 2nd. We’ve had her for about 3 months now and is the sweetest girl. She is the most “human” dog we have ever owned. I swear she understands us and knows when we are talking to her. She is one of the best decisions we have made and totally worth the price. The transition getting her was smooth and she’s been easy to train. We are so very very thankful for her!

Luna V.


Hewy just celebrated his 1st Birthday! We had an amazing experience with Casper Frenchies Home. The adoption process was seamless and his flight was uneventful. They were fantastic in keeping us up to date on his arrival and called us to check in on him once he got home. He is the apple of our eye and we couldn’t imagine life without him! Hewy is the second puppy we have adopted from Casper Frenchies Home

Roland W.