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The French Bulldog (Frenchie) is a handsome, cheerful and affectionate little dog who loves belly rubs and cuddles, games and stunts, and who thrives on human interaction. Goofy, sweet, free-spirited and joyful, the French Bulldog is a natural born comedian who will gladly fill the house with giggles and laughter.

Built like Batman, the French Bulldog has a strong confident demeanor, a well-proportioned muscular body, round dark eyes, large upright bat ears and a smooth fine coat. Small in stature, the uniquely charming French Bulldog has an average height between 11 to 13 inches and an average weight between 22 to 28 pounds.


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French Bulldog Puppy for sale, female, 10 weeks


French Bulldog Puppy for sale, male, 10 weeks


French Bulldog Puppy for sale, female, 10 weeks


French Bulldog Puppy for sale, Male, 10 weeks

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